Tarte Beauty Without Boundaries 8 Piece QVC TSV Collection

Tarte Beauty Without Boundaries 8 Piece QVC TSV Collection

Save the date for September 24, 2013 so you can get your hands on this amazing Beauty Without Boundaries 8 Piece Collection from Tarte ($59.96).  Not only is this set available at a killer price, it’s also on easy pay!  You’ll be able to make 3 easy payments for only around $20 each, after shipping is added!

Tarte Beauty Without Boundaries 8 Piece QVC TSV Collection

Let’s take a look at what’s included:

First off, I love the bag that comes in this set!  It’s so colorful and it’s a really generous size.  So much better than those dinky envelope sized makeup bags that come with most collections.

There are 2 makeup brushes included and both have the same colorful fabric around the handles.  I love the look but I can see that these may get dirty quickly and potentially may get stained forever.  Wish they had some sort of washable plastic covering over top the fabric.

Tarte Beauty Without Boundaries 8 Piece QVC TSV Collection

Tarte Beauty Without Boundaries Makeup Brushes

I’m in love with the double ended brush!  It has a smaller flat top on one end and a large pointed brush on the other end.  They are extremely soft and do not shed at all.  This one is great for applying the primer, which I’ll talk about in a minute.

The second brush is a dual sided “eraser” brush.  It’s the shape of an eyeshadow brush only larger.  It’s also very soft and I’ve not had any issues with shedding.  This one is for applying the BB concealer.

Tarte Beauty Without Boundaries Makeup Brushes

Next up is the BB Tinted Treatment Primer with SPF 30.  I chose the shade light and it matches my skin pretty well.  This one is a light coverage that can be either worn alone or underneath foundation.

It doesn’t give me the amount of coverage I desire so I’ve been using it under my foundation instead of my other primers.  It does a really good job of filling in small pores and blurring fine lines.  And it also makes my foundation last a lot longer on my oily skin.

Tarte Beauty Without Boundaries BB Primer and Concealer

The product I was most excited to try is the new BB Tinted Undereye Corrector.  This comes in a small flip top compact with a solid pan of concealer.  I got the shade fair/light and was happy that it’s not too pale for my skin.

It has a bit of salmon color to it which is nice to camouflage dark circles.  It’s a nice creamy consistency with a fair amount of thickness to it.  It does a really good job at hiding my dark circles and I’m really pleased that it doesn’t sink into fine lines.

Tarte BB Tinted Undereye Corrector

Let’s talk about the eye products next.  First up is the Lights, Camera, Lashes Inner Rim Liner.  This is a very black waterproof 12 hour liner for use on your upper and lower inner rims.  It’s very creamy and transfers onto the rims so easily.

Unfortunately this makes a mess on me after a few hours.  It’s so soft that it smears pretty badly and leaves me with racoon eyes.  I also have really bad luck with all Tarte eyeliners.  Every one I’ve tried near my waterline irritates my eyes and makes them water and this one was no different.

Tarte Beauty Without Boundaries 8 Piece QVC TSV Collection

Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes Inner Rim Liner

I love the Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara so I was stoked to try the newer Light, Camera, Flashes Mascara.  It claims a 752% increase in lash volume and it did a pretty good job.  I don’t think I got that much of an increase but it still does really well, giving me added volume and length.

This mascara has a pretty wet formula so I had no problems getting it onto my lashes.  I do not experience any flaking or transfer either with this one.

Tarte Light, Camera, Flashes Mascara

Before Tarte Light, Camera, Flashes Mascara

After Tarte Light, Camera, Flashes Mascara

I left the best for last, the new LipSurgence Intense Power Pigment in the shade Awakening.  This is a new formula of the LipSurgence lipstick line and it is amazing!  It is so pigmented and gives your lips nice opaque coverage.  The color is a beautiful medium pink shade that leaves your lips a bit stained as well.

The tube is significantly smaller than the usual LipSurgence line of products.  It’s much skinnier and has a much smaller tip which is a bit better for a more precise application.  It contains 1 g/0.04 oz of product while the others are 3 g/0.10 oz.

Tarte LipSurgence Intense Power Pigment Awakening

Tarte LipSurgence Intense Power Pigment Awakening Swatch

Overall this collection is totally worth having!  You get so many great products at such a reasonable price.  Even though the inner rim liner didn’t work for me, the other things are amazing.

See the live QVC presentation of this Tarte Beauty Without Boundaries Collection at Midnight on September 24, 2013 and throughout the entire day.  Or you can order it now online at QVC.

Will you be picking up this set?

6 thoughts on “Tarte Beauty Without Boundaries 8 Piece QVC TSV Collection

    • Geez that is a bummer. :( There must be something specific in Tarte ones cause I can’t use any of them with getting runny eyes. I also have issues using NYX and some Stila ones too.

  1. I just ordered this!! Thanks to your link, otherwise it can’t be found on the QVC site. So why is it available this whole time and not just Sept.24th, for the same tsv price? Will there be other colors or an even better price..? I’m a light-medium in the powder foundation. Should I go with light, as its for undereye and priming purposes? Thanks for your time and advice!! :)

    • Hi Brittany. If you subscribe for the monthly QVC Inside Q magazine you get early previews of some of their hottest TSV’s that will happen the following month. So they give the Inside Q members early access to order them, so then I share those links with you ladies here. Everything I showed is what will come in everyone’s set but in the skin color they choose. I’m usually between a porcelain and fair skintone and I chose light for this set and it works perfectly for me. If you’re on the lighter side it may be ok for you but you may be better off with medium if you use medium in other products. Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions and I’ll do my best to help.

      • I really appreciate you getting back to me. I usually wear light-medium in tarte, so not medium or light but they have a light/medium option. That’s why it’s so confusing to choose between the two, as I’m a mixture of light/med complected.. Idk what to do.. Also, is there a slippery silicone feeling to the BB primer at all? Any break out issues? Thanks again for your time!! I canceled my order twice bc I’m having so much trouble deciding :(

        • No problem Brittany. For the concealer being named fair/light, it’s really not that light. It’s more of a salmon color similar to Benefit Erase Paste if you’ve ever seen that. I included a swatch so you can see the actual color on my somewhat tan hand. Hope this gives you a better idea of the color.

          Tarte BB Concealer Swatch

          The primer does not have much of a silicone feel to it, it feels more like a thicker tinted moisturizer. I have very sensitive skin and have not had any issues with breakouts and I have been using it close to daily since I got it.

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