Memebox Makeup Edition: Korean Beauty Products Delivered To Your Door

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Memebox Makeup Edition

I’ve been seeing so many other reviews of Memebox lately and I have been dying to give it a try.  To my pleasant surprise the folks at Memebox contacted me and offered to send me their Makeup Edition box to show you.

What’s cool and different about Memebox is that it gives you the opportunity to try out new and exciting beauty products from Korean brands.  Each Memebox includes 4 – 8 full sized or deluxe sized products to try out.

Memebox Makeup Edition

Memebox Makeup Edition

Since these are Korean brands the packaging is unfortunately not in the English language.  But don’t worry, they include a card in English describing each product to you.

But unfortunately it does not include the ingredients in English so you won’t be able to read those.  It doesn’t bother me much but it is something to keep in mind if you really want or need to see what is in something.

Memebox Makeup Edition Included:

Cheek Room Make-Up Base ($9) – This is a green tinted primer type product.  It’s supposed to be a waterproof and moisturizing base to apply before your makeup. Green primers help to even out redness so I’m assuming that is what this is for also.

Cheek Room Make-Up Base

Dr Young Anti Pore: Pore Eraser Balm ($38) – This is a flesh toned primer to fill fine lines and pores while controlling excess oil.  I have been using this for a few days now and I love it!  It really does a good job at evening out my skin and making my makeup last longer.  I’m assuming it has silicone in it because it does have that feel to it.

Dr Young Anti Pore: Pore Eraser Balm

Ladykin Blossom Powder Blush ($15) – I always love trying new blushes and this one is super cute.  I received the shade Berry Sorbet which is a peachy pink color.  It’s so silky smooth and very pigmented.  Love the floral pressed design in it!

Ladykin Blossom Powder Blush

Ladykin Blossom Powder Blush

MustaeV Spot Eraser Concealer Pencil ($18) – This is really interesting.  I’ve never tried a concealer in a pencil form but it’s pretty creamy and the shade looks like it should work for me.  It’s basically a concealer to spot cover your blemishes and imperfections.

MustaeV Spot Eraser Concealer Pencil

MustaeV Spot Eraser Concealer Pencil & Ladykin blush swatch

N.S.M Exciting Snow Cooling Lip Tint ($21) – Wowzer! That pretty much sums up this glossy lip stain!  It is so pigmented and has such a yummy sweet fruity scent to it.  It goes on super smooth and you only need one thin coat to get that wow effect.

This stuff can be a bit messy though.  It easily transfers so you have to be careful not to touch it cause it will smear.  It also easily transfers to your teeth so keep that in mind when you’re out with it on.

It does really stain my lips though, well into the next day even.  It did keep my mouth feeling soft and moisturized though and did not dry out my lips at all.

N.S.M Exciting Snow Cooling Lip Tint

N.S.M Exciting Snow Cooling Lip Tint Swatch

I’m so very impressed with Memebox!  This particular box sold for $23 plus shipping but the retail value of the items came to $101!  I think this is lots of fun to be able to try out makeup and beauty products that I would not normally have access to.

What do you think of Memebox?

This box is currently sold out at Memebox but there are many other different sample boxes available to choose from.

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2 thoughts on “Memebox Makeup Edition: Korean Beauty Products Delivered To Your Door

  1. Love the fact that memebox offers full sized products! I’ve been eyeing the pore eraser actually and might just go off and buy it for myself after reading your review. Do you also have a review of Vain Pursuits? I’d love to read what you have to say… my girlfriends are all talking about it.

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