Fall Favorites From Bath and Body Works

bath and body works fall candles

Candles are my thing.  As I type, I have three burning throughout the house.  And since I work from home, I’m burning candles every single day.  So as you can imagine I go thru quite a lot of them.

My newest candle obsession are scents from Bath and Body Works.  I am in love with the four that I have now so I wanted to share them with you.  My absolute favorite is the Creamy Pumpkin.  Oh so good!  It’s a buttery pumpkin scent with hints of sweet caramel.  Mmm, smells good enough to eat.  LOVE it!

My second favorite would have to be the Apple Crumble.  The tart smell of apples mixed with spices and some buttery vanilla.  It’s so good and the apple scent is so strong.  I love apple scents in the fall and this one’s a keeper!

bath and body works fall candle

The other two I like are the Frosted Cupcake and Cinnamon Sugared Donut.  While the cinnamon donut is not as strong of a cinnamon as I would like, it still smells great.  It’s more of a vanilla cake type scent with a hint of cinnamon.  But I love anything bakery scented so this still gets my senses going.

Hubby’s favorite is by far the Frosted Cupcake.  He loves anything vanilla scented and this one is definitely that.  It’s a nice strong buttery vanilla that is hard not to drool over.  And I loved the super cute Halloween style container you can get this one in!

bath and body works halloween candles

I’m really loving Bath and Body Works candles right now.  They burn great, smell great and look great too!  And bonus, they’re currently on sale!  Must…Go…Get…More!  I’m definitely looking forward to trying out the Leaves and Autumn scents next.

So on my way to the checkout, I spied me some Halloween themed lip glosses.  I immediately put the brakes on to check them out.  The two I got are sort of a matching set.  They are super cool color changing glosses!  Wha, wha, what!?  I knew I had to try them!

bath and body works halloween lip gloss

I bought both colors; Good Witch’s Kiss and Wicked Witch’s Kiss.  Both glosses start off clear and change to pretty pink colors on your lips.  Good Witch’s Kiss is a cute pale pink with a nice strawberry scent and flavor.  And Wicked Witch’s Kiss is a darker pink color with what I think is a watermelon flavor and scent.

bath and body works halloween gloss starts off clear

Both of these glosses give off a nice sheer color with a good amount of shine.  I love that these have zero sparkle, just a nice bit of color.  I’ve been wearing these everyday around the house since I bought them.  They’re not sticky at all and keep my lips nice and soft too.

bath and body works witch's kiss gloss swatches

Good Witch’s Kiss, Wicked Witch’s Kiss

This is the first time I’ve purchased any Bath and Body Works lip glosses and I have to say I’m loving them.  There are a few others that I can’t wait to try out like Bean Me Up which is caramel latte flavored with a bronze sheer color.  And Whipped Vanilla which is a dusty rose color with vanilla flavoring of course.  Yummy!

So I’m dying to know if you have or have tried any Bath and Body Works candles and/or lip gloss.  And if so, what scents or flavors do you go ga ga over?  I always love to hear other people opinions and suggestions, leave them below!

*FYI – I purchased all of the products talked about above with my own money. I was not paid to post my review.
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5 thoughts on “Fall Favorites From Bath and Body Works

  1. Bath and Body Works candles are without a doubt THE BEST candles you can get. I worked at BBW for a long time so I’ve tried pretty much every fragrance they’ve had. The new fall ones that I’m in love with are the Oatmeal Raisin Cookie and the Pumpkin Latte. They are ah-mazing! Also, the wallflowers are great. I’m pretty sure the wallflowers are $6 right now which is a super deal :)

    • Thanks for commenting Kady! They all smell amazing. I definitely have my eye on pumpkin latte too. Sales like the ones going on now are when I stock up.

  2. My favorite candle from BBW is ‘Winter’. So good. I’m going to stock up on them next time I have money and the stores have some in stock. As for the lip gloss…I’m not a fan of it. I bought several different ones last time and they’re too sticky and thick for me.

  3. I really love the scents from BBW. I feel kind of refreshed when I smell them. Thanks for sharing this, I will try your other favorites and see if it will work for me too.

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