What’s On My Nails – China Glaze Escaping Reality

china glaze escaping reality nail polish

For the past week we’ve had several inches of snow on the ground and it’s just been kinda blah outside.  So to make me think happy thoughts of Spring, I decided to go bright pink with my nail polish this week.

China Glaze Escaping Reality is a fairly new shade from their recent Cirque du Soleil Worlds Away collection.  This nail polish color is a medium pink cream that’s almost a neon.  It’s not quite as bright neon as Finger Paints Warhol Wannabe but pretty close.

china glaze escaping reality nail polish swatch

You may be wondering what the random little heart on my picture is about, so let me explain.  Naturally my hands are a bit on the dry side right now and I made the mistake of picking at my cuticle.  It looks utterly gross so I wanted to spare you!

2 thoughts on “What’s On My Nails – China Glaze Escaping Reality

  1. Hi Amanda
    I found your blog today and I have really enjoyed reading it (have been here about 3-4 hours so far!). You have definately kept me interested. Thanks for sharing the photos, stories and recipes. I plan to keep on reading and trying the crock pot chicken soon!
    Thanks for sharing and the time you are putting into your blog.

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