Quick and Easy Chicken Fried Rice Recipe

Quick and Easy Chicken Fried Rice Recipe

This fried rice recipe is a really great way to use up either some left over rice or any extra meat or poultry you may have lurking in the fridge.  I made mine with chicken but you could easily substitute any protein source of your liking.

This recipe is really easy to make and only take a few minutes to whip up.  It tastes delicious while not being too salty or rich.  I made mine with white rice but brown rice works well too.  Enjoy!

Quick and Easy Chicken Fried Rice Recipe

Chicken Fried Rice

adapted from Rachel Schultz


3 tablespoons sesame oil
1 lb boneless, skinless chicken tenderloins or breasts cut into 1″ pieces
1 cup frozen peas & carrots
2 cloves minced garlic
2 eggs
3 or 4 cups cooked white or brown rice
¼ cup low sodium soy sauce


1.  In a large skillet or wok, heat oil on medium heat.  Cook chicken until tender.  Remove from pan and set aside.

2.  Add peas, carrots and garlic to the pan and cook until tender.  Add eggs to pan and scramble, mixing them into the veggies.

3.  Once eggs are cooked well; add cooked rice, cooked chicken and soy sauce into the egg and veggie mix.  Cook until heated throughout.

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