My Valentine’s Day Manicure: Julep Love Over Essie Romper Room


  1. I love that combo! It’s making me regret that I skipped my Maven Box.

    1. Author

      Thanks Bailey, it looks even better in person!

  2. What do you use on your nails so that when you do your polish it looks so great! No bubbles or anything?

    1. Author

      Thanks Brenda! I start with one coat of Rejuvacote for nail growth, then 1 coat of Nail-Aid 3 Minute Artificials. I then apply my polish color of choice and finish with a coat of OPI clear Top Coat.

      It’s really important to not shake your nail polish anytime close to when you’re going to use it. If one needs shaken I try to let it sit, after I shake it, for about 24 hours before I use it. Hope this helps.

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