Ulta Lipstick Swatches In Pink Chocolate, Plum Crazy, Totally Berried and Raisin

Ulta Lipstick

I recently picked up a few Ulta lipsticks to try and wanted to share them with you guys.  I’ve never tried their lipsticks before but I really like their eyeshadows so I thought I’d give it a whirl.  They have an amazing selection of colors and they’re always priced amazingly low.

Ulta lipsticks are originally priced at $8 each but they are rarely ever full price.  They always run sales on their Ulta brand cosmetics for insane prices!  Right now these lipsticks are on sale for only $3 each!

ulta lipsticks

For the price I wasn’t expecting too much from these.  I have to say I’ve been really impressed with the formula.  Each color I bought is insanely pigmented and they go on really smooth.  The formula stays nice and soft on the lips and doesn’t dry my lips out.

ulta pink chocolate #240 lipstick ulta pink chocolate lipstick swatch

ulta plum crazy #217 lipstick ulta plum crazy lipstick swatch

ulta totally berried #247 lipstick ulta totally berried lipstick swatch

ulta raisin #215 lipstick ulta raisin lipstick swatch

I’d have to say my favorite of the bunch is Pink Chocolate with Totally Berried running a close second.  Now that I know that these lipsticks rock, I’ll be definitely picking up more.  At only a few bucks each, I won’t feel guilty picking up several different colors next time I’m at Ulta.  And since there’s 48 shades to choose from, I won’t have a hard time finding more to buy!

Have you tried Ulta lipsticks before?  If you have, what color do you recommend I try next?

Available online at Ulta.

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2 thoughts on “Ulta Lipstick Swatches In Pink Chocolate, Plum Crazy, Totally Berried and Raisin

    • Hi Michelle. The sales change all the time but currently they are buy 2, get 2 free. That means you get 4 lipsticks for $16.00! Bargain!

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