Revlon Bronze Glow Highlighting Palette Review and Swatches

Revlon Bronze Glow Highlighting Palette

In addition to the new Revlon powder blush shades in the Cheek Boutique collection, there are also 3 shades of highlighting palettes ($10.99).  I picked up one of them, Bronze Glow.

There is just something so appealing to me about products like this.  All the strips of shimmery pretty colors just suck me in.  This one has five different colors ranging from off white to a deep bronze.

Revlon Bronze Glow Highlighting Palette

With my first use I immediately noticed how powdery it is.  With one swirl of the brush, powder goes everywhere and makes quite a mess.  You have to carefully and gently swipe the brush across the top to make less of a mess.

And whoa, this sucker is super pigmented and ultra shimmery!  You definitely don’t want to use a heavy hand with this one.  When the colors are mixed together you get a rosy bronze with lots of shimmer.

Revlon Bronze Glow Highlighting Palette

Revlon Bronze Glow Highlighting Palette Swatch

I would not recommend using this as an all over bronzer.  And in fact the only place I will use it is lightly on my cheeks to give me a slight glow.  And I may even use it as eyeshadow instead of face powder since it is so darn shimmery.

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4 thoughts on “Revlon Bronze Glow Highlighting Palette Review and Swatches

    • I found mine at Ulta but haven’t seen the collection anywhere else yet. Yea, it’s definitely too dark for pale gals like us! They do have two other shades, a pink one and a peach one.

    • Yes, there are two others available. One is Peach Glow and the other is Rose Glow. I probably should have bought those ones too but was trying not to buy myself too much before x-mas.

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