Please Bear With Me…

Please Bear With Me…

I’ve had one hell of a weekend and I’d just like to ask that everyone stick with me for the next few days.  My beloved puppy of 12 years is terribly ill.  There’s been a lack of new stuff here because as you can imagine, I’m a bit distracted.


Very early Saturday morning we woke to find him having a hard time breathing.  We drove 45 minutes to the emergency hospital where he had multiple x-rays.  5 hours later, we were sent home with pain meds.  They couldn’t pinpoint anything except that his neck seemed tender.

Fast forward about 12 hours and he was no better and even kinda worse even with the pain meds so we decided to take him back.  At that time we opted for bloodwork and an ultrasound.  Still nothing specific could be found so we set up an appointment the following morning, Monday, for an MRI.

Luckily prior to the MRI, we had a consult first with the internal specialist.  She didn’t suspect it was his spine and wanted to repeat x-rays and the ultrasound more centered on his chest area.  Finally we got to the root of the issue.  My baby boy has a pretty severe case of pneumonia.


We couldn’t believe the difference in the x-rays in just 48 hours.  Almost his entire left lung was loaded with gunk.  He was promptly admitted for treatment where he remains now.  We were hoping he’d come home today, but he still needs oxygen therapy so we won’t get him home for another day or two.

We’re so relieved that it was something treatable.  After days of watching him in pain, we where bracing ourselves for the worse yet praying for the best.  And even though it’s costing us an arm and a leg, he’s so very worth it.  We miss him terribly so we’re heading out soon to visit with him.

I’m hoping to get back to posting again real soon.  Thanks for your patience.

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