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Watt’s Up With Benefit’s New Highlighter? A Sheer Glow, That’s What!

benefit's watt's up face highlighter

Have you seen Benefit’s new Watt’s Up face highlighter?  It just recently came out and it’s super cute.  One thing Benefit always does right is their packaging.  I always love how their stuff looks.

Watt’s Up is no exception.  It’s packaged to resemble a light bulb.  On one end you have a cream stick highlighter and on the other end is a rounded sponge to blend it out.

benefit watt's up

The product description on the box reads: “Our delicate champagne sheer highlighter smoothes on a sweet glow that’s gorgeous.  With a cream-to-powder finish…it’s a switch-on “wow” for all complexions.”

benefit's watt's up highlighter

Although I’ve only had this for a few days, I’m in love with it!  It goes on so soft and creamy and blends out like a dream.  It leaves behind just a nice subtle peachy, pink glow with no glitter or sparkles.  I even like it much better than their liquid highlighters.  It’s so much more convenient in the stick form than having to fuss with a messy liquid.

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Ulta Eyeshadow Haul

A couple of weeks ago, Ulta was having some really good sales on their own brand of makeup products.  That’s when I picked up some really great fall nail polish colors for only $2.00 a bottle!  And their single eyeshadows were on sale for only $4.00 each.

ulta eyeshadow haul

I really like the quality of Ulta’s eyeshadows.  They have tons of really nice colors to choose from and the color payoff is good too.  Each eyeshadow is a very generous size too, 2.4g.  MAC and Urban Decay’s standard single eyeshadows are only 1.5g for $15 and $17 bucks each!  So you’re definitely getting your money’s worth with Ulta shadows.  And as a matter of fact I think they’re on sale again this week.  Oh wait…yep, they’re 2 for $6.00.  Another steal!

ulta eyeshadow singles

Here’s the colors I got:

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Pumpkin Chiffon Cake

pumpkin chiffon cake

Sometimes printed recipes can be so hard to follow.  The steps aren’t clearly assembled and not how I’m used to organizing the instructions.  I know it’s my fault though.  I need to slow myself down and take a few minutes to read the recipe completely before I start.  But I get so excited that I admit, sometimes I don’t do that.

Why am I blubbering on about this?  Because this lovely pumpkin chiffon cake fell before I had a chance to get my s**t together.  I followed the assembly to a tee and baked it perfectly.  But I failed to read ahead and see that I needed to invert the pan onto a skinny necked bottle.  Which I did not have prepared and could not find right away!  By the time I figured something out, my poor cake fell. :(

pumpkin chiffon cake

before it fell

On the bright side, the cake was still quite tasty.  It just had a little more density in the middle than I’m sure it’s supposed to.  Lesson learned I guess.  Now I’ll be more likely to read ahead and make sure I’m better prepared.  Have you ever committed this baking sin?  And if so, how bad were the results?

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Fluffy Cake-Like Homemade Cornbread

fluffy cornbread

Over this past year, my affection for cornbread has grown deeper as the days go by.  Like homemade biscuits, a good cornbread can go with just about any meal.  And I’ve been trying my fair share of recipes trying to find just the right one.  Something that’s not too dry, has nice flavors and isn’t too dense.  A lot of the recipes I haven’t even posted here because they were a bust.

But this evening I think we found a keeper!  This cornbread comes out nice and fluffy and very much like cake.  It’s light and airy with good cornbread flavor and is very moist. The best part of homemade cornbread is eating it warm out of the oven with just a touch of butter.  Yum!

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