taco bell quesadilla sauce

Hubs and I are huge fans of Taco Bell’s chicken quesadilla.  We don’t have a Taco Bell very close to us so we rarely get to have it.  I’ve been making our own homemade quesadillas for a few years now but we always thought they needed something extra.  The sauce on Taco Bell’s quesadillas definitely is what makes them great.

I’ve always wondered how I could recreate the sauce at home.  I tried a few different variations on my own with no success.  I recently came across a recipe specifically for Taco Bell’s sauce.  So of course I had to try it!  I just had to keep that mayo was in it under my hat from the hubster.  He won’t touch anything with mayo so I’ve gotta hide it from him!

I’ve gotta say this is pretty dead on.  I think I put too many jalapenos in ours cause it had some extra kick.  But the melted cheese mellowed it out nicely.

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Not everyone wants to spend a ton of money on their makeup.  I tend to mix some high end goodies along with drugstore products as well.  After all, I can’t possibly pass up a bargain.  So every time I see a new trio of Wet n Wild eyeshadow that I like, I snatch them up.  Cause at only $2.99 each locally, they’re a steal!

wet n wild eyeshadow trios

I’m Getting Sunburned, Silent Treatment, Sweet as Candy, Walking on Eggshells

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homemade onion rings

It’s been one of those weeks this week.  Yes, it’s gone by super quick but not exactly without a hitch.  I’d say it all started early Tuesday morning when I was startled awake at 6am by the water authority.

Monday evening the Pittsburgh area got pummeled by horrendous storms.  Luckily all the bad rain missed the area where we live but parts of Pittsburgh experienced bad flooding.  And apparently our local water authority lost power so we were instructed to conserve water.

I was heartbreakingly upset that I had to take a break from washing clothes that day.  Yeah, right!  Although I wasn’t sad to not wash clothes or run the dishwasher, I was not skipping a shower on a 90° day.  Sorry but I just couldn’t do it!

So to cheer myself up over not washing and folding laundry, I made a batch of homemade onion rings.  Mmm, the crispy panko and cornmeal coating had just the right amount of spices and flavor.  I’ll warn you that these can be a bit time consuming to make but they’re pretty worth it.  I wouldn’t make them on a weekly or even monthly basis but they make a nice treat a couple time a year.

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waterproof color eyeliners

Summer is here and boy has it been hot the past couple of days here in the Pittsburgh area.  When it gets this hot and humid, who wants to wear heavy eye makeup?  Not me.

These past couple of weeks I’ve turned toward just adding a vibrant waterproof eyeliner to my eyes and calling it a day.  It adds just a bit of high intensity color that’s perfect for summer but will stay put even through the heat.

I’ve come across some really great waterproof eyeliners and wanted to share them with you.  Here are 6 of my favorites listed as pictured from left to right.

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