What’s On My Nails – Revlon Eclectic

revlon eclectic nail polish

The product featured in this article was purchased by myself.

I keep trying to will Spring to come faster but good grief it’s just not happening fast enough here in Western PA.  I’d like to strangle that darn groundhog, early Spring my butt!  So with wishful thinking I went with a Spring inspired shade this week for my nail polish.

Revlon Eclectic is a pastel green shade.  It’s a little darker than a mint green but still light enough to be considered pastel.  What do you think of Revlon Eclectic?

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4 thoughts on “What’s On My Nails – Revlon Eclectic

  1. I really love this color! I frequently browse the Revlon nail polishes but have yet to see this one. Is it a limited edition color or part of a collection?

    • Hi Jade. It was in a display that was out around January with a few other new shades. The bottle is not marked limited edition so maybe it will start showing up in the permanent collection soon.

  2. I bought this color at my local Walgreens yesterday and think that two coats was enough. I also bought it because this shade of green is in for Spring. I don’t have any of the other colors that were mentioned.

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