MyGlam Bag – May 2012

MyGlam Bag - May 2012

Today I’m sharing my final MyGlam bag with you.  After April’s disappointing bag, I gave myself one more month to decide if I should continue my subscription.  Well, sadly this month’s MyGlam bag did not impress me enough to see a point in sticking with it any longer.

MyGlam Bag - May 2012

Philosophy Love Sweet Love Fragrance – a soft fruity scent with maybe a hint of floral, can’t quite tell but it’s nice.

Studio Gear Lipstick in Redwood – A dark red with a bit of shimmer.

Studio Gear lipstick in Redwood

Miss Beauty Nail Bling – nail stickers with pink hearts on them.  Kinda juvenile for me at 36 but I may save them to use next Valentine’s Day.  But they smell horrible, a strong plastic scent.

Concealer and Eyeliner Brushes

Although I was happy to see a bigger brand name like Philosophy in this month’s bag, fragrance samples can be picked up anywhere for free.  And again with the makeup brushes!  They aren’t the greatest quality and if I wanted cheap brushes I would just go to Target and buy ELF brushes for $1 each.

With these sample bags, I’m looking to try new and exciting beauty products before I buy them.  Even if I liked the makeup brushes, I couldn’t even repurchase them.  They’re just a cheap filler for the bags.  And the Nail Bling, I couldn’t even find those online either.  So even if I loved them, I couldn’t get them again.  So what’s the point?  I don’t get it, so I’m out!

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2 thoughts on “MyGlam Bag – May 2012

  1. I’m with you. I cancelled mine last month though. I only subscribed after I saw the first one you got, which looked amazing. None of mine were great though. I thought about sending it to my little sister, she’s 13 and would probably like it, but I just don’t see the value in it.

    • Yea, I really had high hopes for MyGlam. I didn’t want to cancel but I felt these last few bags were a waste of my money.

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