MyGlam Bag – March 2012


  1. I’m with you on this Glam Bag. I signed up after seeing your review of the first one and I’m just underwhelmed. Like you, I’m more of a make-up girl and not so big on the skin care. I end up giving most of it away. The gift certificates are nice, I just wish there was more color. I’m not sure I got any full size products this time. I didn’t get the lip treatment, I got the bronzer, which I doubt I’ll use. I was much more impressed with my Birchbox this month than the last couple, I hope they keep it up.

    1. Author

      I think they made a big mistake by making the first bag all makeup. Judging by other comments on other sites and Facebook, everyone, including myself, signed up initially thinking it was mainly going to be makeup. So when they veered from that, not many were happy. And now it keeps getting worse. I really hope next month is better.

  2. The hilarious thing is, you actually didn’t receive a full size of the lip comfort. I’m in the same boat as you. The full size is actually .5oz ($22 value); My Glam actually sent out both sizes in the bags, so some got the full size while others got the smaller size. Not a great decision on their part at all. Sigh.
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      Really!? Well, that stinks. I just assumed it was full size. That’s not really fair that some people got the full size and some didn’t. Not cool MyGlam. 🙁

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