MyGlam Bag – April 2012


  1. I predicted that MyGlam would be iffy so I took advantage of their first, customer-luring bag and then promptly cancelled. This month’s bag looks especially disappointing though. :c I would suggest trying Perversion though!

  2. I absolutely love perversion and I have really oily eyelids. That really seems like the only product I would use out of everything in this month’s myglambag. Hopefully next month’s samples are better!

  3. I agree, try perversion, and set or smudge with a black eyeshadow if you have to. (You have some WnW palettes with black in them, no?)

    I was so tempted to subscribe the MyGlam, but never did. And I am so glad that I didn’t! I can’t believe how terrible some of the bags have been!

    1. Author

      Yeah, I still have to test out the Perversion eyeliner with and without black eyeshadow over it. MyGlam started out with a bang but are quickly sinking low. On the other hand, Birchbox is really stepping it up! Can’t wait for May’s Gossip Girl Birchbox!

  4. Ok so I buy this subscription to MyGlam back in January and I am still a subscriber. The bags are ok. Marchs bag sucked and no other word can describe it. Aprils bag was good but the Urban Decay liner was the only good thing in it. The lip quench you had to squeeze so hard just to get some out. The false eyelashes were ok but like some of the others I did not use them because when you buy something from outside of the country you donot know what you are getting. I am thinking about going with Glossybox yes it cost more than the others but the samples are actually bigger and are definately deluxe. Only difference is the price which is $21 verses $10 but since I have Birchbox and a Myglam I want be out of any money and the samples are actually worth it.

    1. Author

      I have a feeling MyGlam is on its way out for me, I’m still waiting on May’s bag to make my final decision. Glossybox looks good too, I may have to give it a try. Thanks for stopping by!

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