Milani Corallina Baked Blush Pictures and Swatches


  1. This one is definitely the perfect color for this years “pantone” orange/peach color of the year. Milani has some of the best products out there for very reasonable prices. I have three of these and all four of the mineral blushes with two back ups on those! So yeah, I kinda like the blushes! lol I don’t have this one yet though, I wasn’t able to find it until recently. And now it’s in the regular Milani section at my CVS, so I just gotta wait for the next sale.

    I also love their glosses. I’m certain they are copying MAC on those! And my go to eyeliner is Milani Liquif’eye. I’d say you almost can’t go wrong with Milani…except I know their eyeshadows and polishes can be hit or miss. So I always look for swatches and reviews before I buy those (or clearance, then I’ll be a sucker for $2 or less! lol)

    1. Author

      Me too Donna, I’ve never seen these in any stores before until now so I’m not sure about the swirling. I used to only see them online at Cherry Culture but was afraid to order them without seeing them up close. Milani and CVS seem to be updating their displays with newer stuff lately, which has been much needed.

  2. Ooooh I forgot one thing I meant to ask. Don’t these look different from when they first came out? I mean, most of them, except Luminous and the one that looks like a bronzer, had swirls, but I don’t remember them having that white swirling. Do you think they changed the formulation, or am I imagining things and they always looked like this? lol

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