Mally Volumizing Mascara Review and Swatches

Mally Volumizing Mascara Review

One of my very favorite high end mascaras is the Mally Volumizing Mascara ($20).  I find that it gives my lashes a very nice amount of length and a little volume too.

The formula with this one is a bit on the drier side.  It doesn’t affect application nor does it clump or flake either.  It easily glides through the lashes without pulling or tugging.  Just wanted to mention that since some ladies prefer mascaras more on the wet side.

Mally Volumizing Mascara Review

Mally Volumizing Mascara Review

The brush is of average size and shape, not big and bulky but not too small either.  It has a nice shape that grabs the lashes and lets you get close to the lash line and inner corners easily.

I have a problem with smudging on my lower lash line because of my oily skin but not with this.  This stuff stays put all day without any smearing or smudging and seems to hold a curl nicely too.

my eye before Mally Volumizing Mascara

Mally Volumizing Mascara Swatch

What do you think of this Mally Volumizing Mascara?  Have you tried any Mally products before?

Available online at and

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2 thoughts on “Mally Volumizing Mascara Review and Swatches

  1. The dry ones seem to work best for me. When I try a new mascara and the formula is on the wet side, I leave it open for a few hours to help dry it up a bit.

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