What’s On My Nails: Julep Jillian and Andrea

Julep Jillian and Andrea Nail Polish

This week I’m wearing two of the three nail polish shades I received in my December 2013 Julep Maven box.  I started off with two coats of Jillian, a deep eggplant purple shimmer.  This is a really pretty color.  It almost looks chocolate brown from certain angles.

I was dying to try the beautiful gold glitter in that box too so I added Andrea to my ring fingers on each hand.  This is a great glitter!  It was fully opaque with two thin layers and it didn’t get lumpy or bumpy.

Julep Jillian and Andrea Nail Polish

I think by far the nail polish shades I got in December’s box were the best colors I had ever gotten in a Julep Maven box.  These two are really pretty and I can’t get enough of the third one, Julep Cara!

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