ArganEsque Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Treatment Review and Giveaway


  1. My biggest hair issue is FRIZZ! I have thick, wavy hair and it seems the more I brush it, the more it frizzes out! 🙁

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  2. My biggest hair issue is dry, over processed hair.

  3. I would love to try this product! I use to have very thick, curly healthy hair that I could blow dry straight or let dry for a curly look. In the last year, I found out I am hypothyroid and my hair has become thin, dry and frizzy with curls and lots of breakage. I no longer blow dry it straight due to it feeling very fragile. It’s a good thing I had equivalent to two sets of hair, because I lost a lot.

  4. Dryness is definitely a issue with my hair

  5. I feel like my curly hair has thinned out so much as I’ve gotten older. I would love some more body but less frizz.

  6. Like most curly girls my frizz is hard to tame. My hair also as the tendency to knot like crazy

  7. Frizz, for sure. I live in a very humid area and I cannot tell you how many times I have been happy with my hair and then as soon as I walk outside… frizz city! Within minutes I have a cavewoman mane that cannot be tamed. Ugh.

  8. I need something to tame my tumble weed hair and would love to try this.

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