12 Drool Worthy Cupcake Recipes

Even though I’ve heard time and again that cupcakes are a dying trend, I still think loads of people think otherwise.  For some reason a large decorated cake is just not as cute or creative as little cupcakes can be.

Take for example these 12 cupcake recipes I have listed below.  There are so many great cupcake ideas out there that just wouldn’t translate as well in a layered cake form.  And I’m gonna keep sharing them with my readers until they scream, Stop!

So to heck with the cupcake haters!  I say we keep on making these little gems until some smarty comes up with the next great baking trend.  Until then, I’m going to keep bookmarking the cool ones and compiling lists just like this to share with you!

peach bourbon cupcakes Peach Bourbon Cupcakes – Yes, I did say bourbon!  And yes there is bourbon in both the frosting and the cupcake batter, yum!  The marzipan peaches on top add the perfect finishing touch.  Adorable!

apple pie cupcakes Apple Pie Cupcakes – These cupcakes sound like the perfect fall dessert idea!  Caramelized apples are added to the top of the cupcake batter before baking.  A simple whipped cinnamon icing tops them off.

kool-aid cupcakesKool-Aid Cupcakes – These kooky cupcakes sound like fun for all ages!  Dress up a simple boxed cake mix with your favorite kool-aid flavored powder.  Add more to the homemade icing for an added punch of flavor.

pina colada cupcakesPina Colada Cupcakes – These cupcakes make my mouth water!  Simple vanilla and coconut cupcakes are topped off with a fresh pineapple frosting complete with crushed pineapple pieces.  Oh yeah!

cannoli cupcakesCannoli Cupcakes – Holy crap, you can make cupcakes that taste like cannolis?!  Sounds too good to be true but I may just have to give this cupcake recipe a try!  They look delish, especially the topping!

pumpkin cheesecake cupcakesPumpkin Cheesecake Cupcakes – I love me some pumpkin so I had to at least include one pumpkin cupcake recipe and this one is a doozy!  It’s like two yummy desserts in one, what could be better?

lemon poppyseed cupcakesLemon Poppy Seed Cupcakes – These cupcakes look so fresh and perfect for spring.  Cooled poppy seed cupcakes get filled with a dollop of lemon curd and then are topped with cream cheese frosting.

french toast cupcakesFrench Toast Cupcakes – Breakfast for dessert anyone?  Sounds good to me!  A boxed cake mix is doctored up with some cinnamon and a vanilla pudding mix.  Finish it off with maple cream cheese frosting.  Perfection!

pistachio cupcakesPistachio Cupcakes – Add pistachio pudding mix to a white boxed cake mix and the easy icing recipe for a quick, tasty treat.  The green frosting makes these cupcakes the perfect sweet treat for St Patty’s day!

root beer float cupcakesRoot Beer Float Cupcakes – What a fun and simple treat!  Your favorite root beer gets added to this cupcake batter along with a touch of root beer extract in the buttercream icing.  Sounds very interesting.

snickers cupcakesSnickers Cupcakes – OMG, these cupcakes will make you drool for sure!  Each cupcake has a mini Snickers bar hidden in the middle like a secret surprise!  And the caramel frosting looks to die for!

caramel popcorn cupcakesCaramel Popcorn Cupcakes – Say what!?  That’s right, apparently you can turn boring old creamed corn into delicious cupcakes!  Who would have thought you could make creamed corn look so good.

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  1. Wow! These recipes are so amazing. I love to try all of this for my daughter’s debut since I need to make lots of cupcakes. I will make different flavors and these recipes are perfect.

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