pumpkin patchOn a quest again for all things pumpkin, I came across more wonderful handmade soaps.  What caught my eye first was the very original scent names that are given to the soaps.  Not your traditional scent names, Mad Hatter Soap Co. has taken the time to come up with creative and fun names for each scent.

Of course, I was immediately drawn to the scent “Midnight in the Pumpkin Patch”.  But a few other Halloween scents intrigued me too.

How about “Endora’s Elixir” :

A spellbinding brew of green tea and bergamot peel mellowed with a dash of coriander, a pinch of marshy mugwort, and stirred lightly with a birch broomstick.

endora's elixir handmade soaps

Or some “HobGoblin” :

A tall goblet of pale-green absinthe sweetened with the tiniest drop of candied apple and topped with a grim layer of mischievous black licorice.

hobgoblin handmade halloween soapsOr the soap I ordered and am dying to try, “The Gingerbread Imp” :

Piping hot gingerbread, spiced orange cake, vanilla, and brown sugar molasses baked with the Imp’s own blend of mischief and mayhem.

gingerbread imp scented soapsEverything about this soap company appeals to me.  The look of the soaps, the catchy scent names, the company logo and even the packaging.  The soap bars are super thick and come in at around 4oz each.

If these scents sound interesting to you, don’t delay.  They are only available for a limited time.  If fall and Halloween scents aren’t your thing, there are many other everyday scents to choose from.   I can’t wait to see what’s on tap for Christmas scents!

Visit Mad Hatter Soap Co. to see what unique scents they have whipped up today…

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Candied Beauty cupcake fizzy bath bombWinter is always my very favorite time to take a nice hot bath every evening.  I tend to go through a lot of scented bubble bath and fizzy bath bombs.  Right now I have a few in back stock to get me started, but I will need more!

Candied Beauty caught my eye on Etsy simply because their products look amazing!  The colors and the scents are very appealing.  When a product looks so nice, it’s hard to pass it by.

I was immediately drawn to their cupcake shaped bath bombs.  They are so adorable and are a whopping 7 ounces each!  That’s quite large and I could get at least two baths out of each one.  But I would have a hard time using it since it’s too darn cute to use!

Candied Beauty's fizzy bath bombsI guess that’s where their standard bath bombs would come into play.  They are still very colorful but shaped plainly.  I could use these ones without feeling guilty that I melted something so pretty.

Candied Beauty is located in Canada so shipping costs can be a tad bit higher when shipping to the states.  However, I can imagine that they’re probably worth the extra expense.  I’ll just have to plan ahead and order a bunch at once!

Browse Candied Beauty’s full selection of fizzy bath bomb goodies…

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scented body butterLast month I featured  The Abbey James Company’s beautiful handmade soaps and mentioned that I would be reviewing some of Rebecca’s body butters.  I’m a little behind but I’ve been excited to give you my thoughts on them.

I’m a huge fan of body butters.  They seem to soften my skin more so than a traditional lotion.  Believe me, I’ve tried several store bought and handmade.  I love the way they make my skin feel and they do an excellent job on dry feet.  For summer sandals, I don’t go without body butter first.  I swear by Cozy Moments body butter but wanted to sample another seller also.

What I bought to try:

I purchased a sampler set of (3) 1.2oz  jars of body butter.  I chose the scents Calypso, Water Lily and Fresh Aloe.

Packaging: abbey james body butters

The order arrived super fast and I was impressed by the packaging.  The three jars came in a cello bag with pretty raffia ribbon.  Everything from the business card to the product labels is beautifully done and very professional looking.  Another surprising element?  Each jar was sealed on the inside.  This was the first time I bought a handmade bath & body item that came completely sealed.  Very impressive.

The product:

The scents are amazing!  I especially love the Fresh Aloe, it smells so clean and refreshing.  The butter is nice and thick just the way I like it.  It doesn’t go on greasy and moisturizes wonderfully.  I would definitely buy larger jars when these samplers are finished.


abbey james free samplesAs an extra little treat, packaged with my purchase was a sample sized (probably about 0.5 oz) jar of Pomegranate Mango body polish and a chunk of Water Lily bar soap.  Yeah,  I love getting freebies!  The soap sample was the largest piece I’ve ever gotten from any seller.

All in all, I was super impressed with Rebecca’s products and attention to details.  It’s the little things that definitely sell products and keep customers coming back for more.  You can visit The Abbey James Company on



Now this is the cutest thing I’ve seen in a long time.  A pumpkin shaped and scented bath bomb fizzy.  Complete with stem and leaves.  So cute!  This is a handmade moisturizing bath fizzy scented in “pumpkin patch”.  This adorable fizzy is made by Smokey Mountain Scents and sells for $5.50.

Not only do they have this super cute bath bomb but they also have some really cool layered candy corn soaps.  Each 5 – 6oz soap bar is scented in “candy corn” and even has some embedded into the top layer.  The bars sell for $4.50 each.  Perfect for my favorite fall season!

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