Using Digital Scrapbooking Paper For Blog Backgrounds

I’ve been wanting to design my blog with something colorful and creative for a while now.  So when my sister pointed me in the direction of making my own WordPress theme with Artisteer, I was finally able to do so.   The software is really easy to use and only costs a one time fee of $49.95.  But before you buy it, I recommend you try it for free first.  You can do everything with the free trial except upload the theme into your WordPress account.  That is when you must buy it to use the theme.

Once I got the hand of Artisteer, I began looking for backgrounds and graphics to use.  On Etsy, I came across several sellers who specialize in digital scrapbooking papers.  I decided to buy some and try using them as blog backgrounds.  And what you see now is the result!

digital scrapbooking papersTracy Ann Digital Art has the most beautiful collections of digital paper packs and matching clip art.  There are so many colors and design combinations to choose from.  As you can see, I’ve used the papers from the “December” collection for my backgrounds and these clip art trees.  After Christmas, I’ll be switching to the “Dreaming” collection for the rest of winter.

I really like the feeling of making my own custom themes.  Not to mention I only had to spend around $8.50.   And I’m really proud of the results too!

Visit Tracy Ann Digital Art to purchase your own paper packs to create custom themes for yourself…

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Custom Small Business Marketing Supplies With a Primitive Touch

kountry expressions printing services

It’s been over a year since I closed my candle business and I miss it terribly.  Like many of you, the recession forced me to look for a more stable income.  And with a steady job comes less time for fun stuff.  Taking care of all the household duties plus working almost full time leaves me little me time.  I need to carve out some time for myself and dust off my wax melter.  Making candles kept my creative juices flowing and I miss that.  The clothes and house cleaning will have to wait!

While I was reminiscing about my life as a candle maker I remembered a printer I used to use for all my marketing supplies.  My candle packaging used to be in a country/primitive style.  Kountry Expressions offers laser printed marketing materials for business owners who want to offer that handmade touch.

Lisa offers a huge variety of designs for various labels, business cards, tags, etc.  She even made me custom fundraiser forms!

custom fundraiser formsWhat I liked most about her services was that unlike traditional printers, you didn’t have to pay an arm and a leg for huge quantities at a time.  For crafters, that save us bundles!  And she’s quick!

Even if you don’t have a business, check out her selection.  You can buy customized address labels and notepads just for fun too.

Visit Kountry Expressions for all your printing needs…

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Follow Our Twitter List Of Foodies

For Twitter users, their new list feature is something I’m sure you are well aware of by now.  Since releasing the lists feature, they have been slowly and steadily gaining speed.  Twitter lists are a great way to organize your favorite followers according to certain topics.

twitter list of foodies and food bloggersI’ve taken this opportunity to organize all of the food bloggers that I follow on Twitter into one convenient list.  You can visit my foodies list page and easily see tweets made by these users.  And if you’d like, you can follow my entire list with one simple click.  I currently have over 170 foodies listed and it’s growing by the day!

Feel free to follow the My Finds Online Twitter list of foodies…

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Banner Ads Actually Can Come Cheap

online banner adsIf you’ve been looking to purchase a banner ad for your website or blog but were afraid it would cost too much, you’ll be excited to hear otherwise. Anita Campbell posted a review of her recent experience with PointBanner.

Anita walks you through her purchase of 3 animated banner ads for a minimal price of $84.00.  That’s only $28.00 for each animated banner!  I’m impressed, that’s a very fair price that anyone can afford even if on a marketing budget.  PointBanner service is fast and efficient while offering you up to 3 revisions.

The site promises to deliver your banner ads within 48 hours from your order. Just as promised, I got an email that my banners were ready within 48 hours. At first I didn’t realize the banners were done, because the email notification got swept into my junk mail folder where it lay for almost 2 days — but it was there.

If you are willing to pay $10 extra for each banner, you can cut that time in half and get expedited service in 24 hours.

I wish I had this info while I was still operating my handmade candles business.  I would have definitely invested a few dollars to get professional looking ad banners.  I’ll bookmark this one in case I ever open my online candle business again.

Read Anita’s full review of PointBanner’s services…

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More Twitter Apps Than You Can Shake a Stick At

twitter-follow-meI first noticed Twitter apps a few months ago and thought “hmm, wonder what those are all about?”  So I started looking into them and discovered that there are tons of different ones to choose from.  They each have something different to offer.

I first compiled a list of 27 Twitter Apps that I posted to Small Business CEO.  That list was a huge success so I started jotting down more as I found them.  Well, now I’ve come up with 31 additional Twitter applications!  I can’t believe how many cool features are available with these apps.  One of my new favorites:  Tiny Song.  This app lets you share your favorite songs on Twitter.

Take a minute to look over these lists.  It will take you some time to go through but in the long run, they will help streamline your Twitter usage.  Out of all of the 58 Twitter apps that I’ve featured on Small Business CEO, I’m sure you will find something that you will actually enjoy using.

* The Twitter “follow me” icon can be found within “300+ Completely Free Twitter Buttons and Icons“.