Handmade Holiday Gift Tags

handmade holiday gift tagsFrom here until the end of the year, posts will most likely be centered around Christmas.  It’s my favorite holiday and I’m getting geared up already.  So, let’s start with these adorable handmade gift tags from “Fresh Lemon Blossoms“.

Miki makes amazing handmade paper items such as notepads, greeting cards and gift tags.  The fall tags initially caught my eye until I realized she had Christmas ones made already.

These gift tags are beautifully constructed of various heavyweight papers.  The prices are very reasonable for the amount of time and effort put into making such lovely tags.  Each set is less than $5.00 (plus shipping) and the quantity depends on how detailed the tags are.  On average, you can get 8 tags for only $3.50!

handmade holiday gift tagsFor those of you that have kids who tear through the wrapping paper like wild animals, I can see why you wouldn’t use tags like these.  But for that special someone, wouldn’t it be a nice added tough to their gifts?  I only wrap about a dozen gifts so to me these tags are very reasonable.

Visit “Fresh Lemon Blossoms” to browse her complete collection of handmade holiday gift tags…

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Candied Beauty Cupcake Shaped Bath Bombs

Candied Beauty cupcake fizzy bath bombWinter is always my very favorite time to take a nice hot bath every evening.  I tend to go through a lot of scented bubble bath and fizzy bath bombs.  Right now I have a few in back stock to get me started, but I will need more!

Candied Beauty caught my eye on Etsy simply because their products look amazing!  The colors and the scents are very appealing.  When a product looks so nice, it’s hard to pass it by.

I was immediately drawn to their cupcake shaped bath bombs.  They are so adorable and are a whopping 7 ounces each!  That’s quite large and I could get at least two baths out of each one.  But I would have a hard time using it since it’s too darn cute to use!

Candied Beauty's fizzy bath bombsI guess that’s where their standard bath bombs would come into play.  They are still very colorful but shaped plainly.  I could use these ones without feeling guilty that I melted something so pretty.

Candied Beauty is located in Canada so shipping costs can be a tad bit higher when shipping to the states.  However, I can imagine that they’re probably worth the extra expense.  I’ll just have to plan ahead and order a bunch at once!

Browse Candied Beauty’s full selection of fizzy bath bomb goodies…

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AJ’S Country Cottage Handmade Soy Candles

ajs candlesIt’s pretty much fall weather here in Western Pennsylvania so I’m gearing up with the fall scented candles.  I placed an order from AJ’s Country Cottage a few weeks ago and they arrived super fast.  I received my order in about 2 – 3 business days!

I purchased a Pumpkin Gingerbread and an Applesauce Gingerbread candle.  They both smelled extremely strong in the jar so I was anxious to light ’em up. I have not been disappointed at all by the scent strength of these candles.  They smell up the entire house which is surprising for the size of the candles themselves.


While I absolutely love the smell of the Applesauce Gingerbread one, I’m not too fond of the Pumpkin Gingerbread.  It wasn’t exactly what I thought it would be.  It definitely had spice but I really can’t detect the pumpkin like I would have liked.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a great scent.  But if you’re looking for a good pumpkin scent, unfortunately I wouldn’t recommend it as one.  On the other hand, the Applesauce Gingerbread is the perfect combination of apples and spices.  I LOVE it!

Burn:ajs candle burning

I’m impressed with the way these candles burn also.  They burn nice and even with no waste around the inside of the jars.  I trim my wicks before each use and they do not produce any smoke.

Over all I would highly recommend these candles.  They produce a ton of scent and they burn very nicely.  At $7.95 each, you really can’t go wrong.

Browse AJ’S Country Cottage selection of highly scented candles…

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Handmade Solid Copper and Sterling Silver Pet Tags

handmade copper dog tags

Urban Puppy makes some of the most adorable pet tags I have ever seen.  Not only are they copper and silver handmade beauties, but the sayings on them are so funny!  My favorites are “Death Breath”, “Obedience School Drop Out” and “Bed Hog”.

URBAN PUPPY TAGS ARE 100% GUARANTEED AGAINST ANY DEFECT IN WORKMANSHIP FOR ONE YEAR FROM THE PURCHASE DATE. If your Urban Puppy tag breaks or becomes unusable due to a flaw in craftsmanship, I will make you a replacement tag free of charge!

These handmade tags range from $14.00 to $16.00 plus a few bucks for shipping.  Not bad for a nice quality handmade piece of doggy jewelry.

Visit Urban Puppy today and buy your furry companion some bling!

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