Birchbox Gossip Girl Edition - May 2012

Usually I’m not one for spoilers but I just could not resist this month.  I watched several YouTube videos and read blog posts containing the contents of this month’s Birchbox.  Big mistake!  Every time I do that I end up disappointed with mine, as was the case this month.

I’m not saying that this month’s Gossip Girl inspired Birchbox was bad but I had high hopes that it would have been just as great as the Teen Vogue Birchbox.  I saw that a lot of people got full sized Stila liquid eyeliners that retail for $22.00.  Of course I did not.  Which is highly disappointing when we all pay the same price for the Birchbox subscription but the value of someone else’s products is so much higher than mine.  I just don’t think that’s fair.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Birchbox.  I get my $10 worth out of each box, each month so I’m well aware that I’m getting what I pay for.  I just wish they would keep everyone’s boxes at around the same value , or as close as possible.

Ok, enough said.  Now on to the contents of this month’s Gossip Girl themed Birchbox.

Birchbox Gossip Girl Edition - May 2012

Birchbox Gossip Girl Edition - May 2012

Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil Shampoo – the name pretty much sums this one up.  I’ve never tried a Shu Uemura product before but I’ve read great things about them. (sample value = $2.06)

shu uemura cleansing oil shampoo

Miracle Skin Transformer Body SPR 20 in Glow – A silicone based tinted moisturizer to use all over the body.  Supposedly hides blemishes and scars with a slight luminosity. (sample value = $5.03)

miracle skin transformer

Dior Diorshow Extase Mascara – Boosts lash volume and length. (sample value = $11.40)

Dior Diorshow Extase mascara

Dior Diorshow Extase mascara wand

Dior Miss Dior Eau de Parfum – A very floral heavy fragrance, not my thing at all. (sample value = $1.86)

Miss Dior fragrance sample

Bonus Extra:  Notecard with envelope – Blank on one side, other side says XOXO. (sample value = $0.83)

Birchbox may 2012 notecard extra

So as you can see, the approximate value of my Birchbox contents comes to around $21.18.  All of my Birchbox items totaled don’t even come to the amount of the Stila eyeliner that others received as one of their items.  Bummer.

That’s ok though, I’m not going to dwell on this.  I’ll just look forward to next month’s Birchbox instead.  What did you get in your May 2012 Birchbox?

Are you ready to sign up for your own Birchbox this month?  It’s only $10 per month, sign up here!


Dior 5 Couleurs Iridescent Eyeshadow Palette - Earth Reflection

I’ve lusted over these Dior 5 Couleurs eyeshadow palettes ($59) for quite a while.  There’s over a dozen different color combination palettes and they are all so beautiful.  As a splurge to myself, I finally broke and bought one.

I had such a difficult time choosing one but I picked a palette that I thought I could get the most use of.  Earth Reflection #609 is the one I decided on.  It’s a collection of 5 really pretty neutral shades.

Dior 5 Couleurs Iridescent Eyeshadow Palette - Earth Reflection

Dior 5 Couleurs Iridescent Eyeshadow Palette - Earth Reflection

Dior 5 Couleurs Iridescent Eyeshadow Palette

Dior 5 Couleurs Iridescent Eyeshadow Palette - Earth Reflection

Starting at the top left corner, going clockwise to the center, you get a soft gold, bronze, creamy champagne, dark brown and light pink.  All of the shades are highly pigmented and apply nice and smooth.  The colors all have a beautiful shimmer to them and no glitter to worry about.

Dior 5 Couleurs Iridescent Eyeshadow Palette - Earth Reflection swatches

In my opinion, this was way worth the splurge.  Now I know why these are so popular and get great reviews.  I have my eye on a few other Dior 5 Couleurs eyeshadow palette color combos but I’m going to wait until Sephora has their next 20% sale.

What do you think of the Dior Earth Reflection palette?  Do you ever treat yourself to a beauty product that you normally think is too expensive?


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