What’s On My Nails – The Black Knight by Butter London

The Black Knight by Butter London

This week I went with another glitter nail polish.  Butter London’s The Black Knight is a beautiful black base with loads of multi-colored micro fine glitter in it.  This one was a bit hard to capture on camera because of all the light reflecting specks but trust me, it’s amazing!  It’s opaque in two light coats and pretty much goes with anything.

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What’s On My Nails – Butter London Victoriana

Butter London Victoriana

I finally bought my first bottle of Butter London nail polish.  I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to buy one but I just didn’t ever see a “must have” polish from them, until now.  I came across Victoriana and thought it was beautiful.

Victoriana from Butter London

Victoriana is a pretty teal color with lots of tiny silver sparkles.  I do like the way the Butter polish applied.  It went on nice and smooth, not too thin and not too thick.  I just painted my nails yesterday so only time will tell as far as wear goes.  We shall see.