Crock Pot Beef Stew

Chilly weather has brought along with it a craving for some good old comfort food.  It’s time to start breaking out the stews, soups and roasts.  Today I made my easy peasy beef stew.

crock pot beef stew

I love this recipe for not only it’s tasty flavors but the convenience of it.  All you need to do is dedicate about a half hour of prep time and the crock pot works it’s magic.

I serve my beef stew with some refrigerated ready made biscuits.  Extra bonus: this recipe is enough for two meals for two people.  Enjoy!

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Classic Beef Chili

classic beef chili

My husband and I couldn’t be more opposite when it comes to food.  He’s a big meat and potatoes person and I’m more chicken and salads.  He loves things like chili so every once in a while I throw him a bone and make a pot just for him.  It never even makes it to the freezer, he devours it all in two days flat.

Being that I’m not a chili connoisseur, I have to take his word on this recipe.  I was a bit worried while making it cause the crushed tomatoes and tomato paste give it a fairly strong tomato taste.  He hates tomatoes, so I thought he’d fuss over it.  But surprisingly, he thought this beef chili was very tasty.

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Spicy Beef Tacos

spicy beef tacos

Well it’s a new year and the holidays are over :(  It’s officially time to put away the sweets and treats and get back to better eating.  I was scouring the internet for some fresh new healthy recipes last week and came across several that I will be testing out.

Most of these new recipes came from the Weight Watchers website so I was a little leery that they may not have much taste to them.  But that is not the case with these spicy beef tacos.

I love this recipe!  It is so quick and easy to make and only requires a handful of ingredients.  The flavors are amazing with a bit of heat.  I was worried that hubby would fuss over the diced tomatoes in the meat but he ate them with no complaining!  I know the recipe is a keeper when he’s able to overlook things he hates because it tastes so good!

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Easy Homemade Meatball Recipe

easy meatball recipe

My husband is not really a great fan of pasta but since he married an Italian, he knows he’s gotta grin and bear it.  So to tempt him into my world of pasta loving, I usually bribe him with homemade meatballs.  Works every time!

This homemade meatball recipe is so simple to make and it only takes a few minutes to assemble.  I get about 12 large meatballs out of one recipe so I usually split it and freeze half for another meal.

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