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More Beauty Samples! QVC’s New Beauty Test Tube

new beauty test tube

I’ll admit it…I’m totally hooked on QVC’s Friday night beauty.  If you’re not a watcher of QVC, Friday night beauty is exactly as it sounds.  Every Friday evening starting at 10pm EST, they spend 1 to 2 hours strictly dedicated to new beauty products from great companies like Tarte, Philosophy, Mally, etc.  But this past Friday night beauty kicked off 26 glorious hours of ALL beauty products!

qvc new beauty test tube

One thing that caught my eye was the New Beauty Test Tube.  It’s a similar concept like Birchbox but also different in a few ways.  Birchbox is monthly whereas the test tube is every 2 to 3 months, if you set yourself up on QVC’s auto delivery.  And the majority of Birchbox items are deluxe sample sized, the test tube contains a few full sized items!  I resisted for most of Saturday afternoon but then the hubs went to the Steeler game Saturday night and I caved!  And I’m actually very glad I did.

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Homemade Pepperoni Pizza

homemade pepperoni pizza

Yesterday just seemed like one of those days.  It just felt like nothing was going right…at all!  I’ll spare you all the details but let’s just say it included wasting 3 hours of my Sunday afternoon running around like an idiot correcting someone else’s error.  Not the hubs’ so don’t worry!

So by the time dinner came around, I just did not feel like going out for dinner.  So instead, I whipped up this yummy pepperoni pizza.

I had saved this pizza crust recipe a while back and had been dying to give it a try.  The crust turned out really good.  The bottom was nice and crisp while the crust was nice and soft.  A perfect late Sunday evening dinner while we enjoyed one of our guilty pleasures, True Blood.

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Decadent Oreo Brownies

I’ve never been a big huge fan of brownies but I do love me some Oreos.  So naturally when you add Oreos into brownie batter, you betcha I’m gonna eat me some!

oreo brownies

I thought it might be weird to have crunchy cookies in brownie batter but they actually soften and just blend into the batter. The crushed Oreos on top do add that bit of crunch.  The white chocolate drizzle is optional but I liked that added touch of sweetness on top.

This isn’t a wimpy brownie recipe either, you get a generous 9×13 pan of brownies out of it.  Not just a scrawny 9 inch square baking pan.  I hate going through the trouble of making homemade brownies to only get a tiny pan that hubs devours in an hour.  Oh yeah, he can hoover brownies like no other!

Give these brownies a try, they are very good.  Next time I need a picnic dessert, I think I’m gonna take these.  They are sure to be a crowd pleaser plus they are so rich that a small piece goes a long way.

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