Spiced Sugar Cookies With Almond Flavored Icing

spiced sugar cookies

Well we’ve finally come down to my last Christmas cookie recipe of 2010.  And I think I may have saved the best for last!

I was looking for a simple but tasty recipe for good old sugar cookies when I came across this brown sugar and spice version from Bake at 350.  Her pictures made these cookies look so wonderful that I just couldn’t resist going with this recipe.

I must say that these sugar cookies are a must try.  I know I’ll be making these over and over again.  The dough is nice and easy to work with and they have just the right texture.  The cookies end up perfect, not too hard and not too soft.  And the flavor puts regular sugar cookies to shame.

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Candy Cane Kiss Cookies

candy cane kiss cookies

Finally after days of endless cookie baking and wrapping, I think I’m finally done!  Last night I iced my sugar cookies, which will be my last cookie recipe for this holiday season.  I’ll have those posted here hopefully tomorrow.

Hubby says I’m doing way too much but I just can’t help myself!  I really enjoy baking Christmas cookies and I’m trying to get all the cooking and baking out of my system before the kitchen gets demolished next week.  Then it will be frozen meals and fast food for a while. :(

Today I’m sharing with you some minty goodness!  This was the first time I’ve tried the candy cane flavored Hershey kisses.  I don’t think I’d sit and snack on a handful of these kisses but they do work nicely in cookies.

I was a little worried about these cookies when I was making them.  The dough is very dry and crumbles easily.  But if you work with it, the cookies do turn out and set up nicely once cooled.  And be sure to follow step #6, the kisses will turn into blobs of chocolate if you leave them room temp.

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Super Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies

soft chocolate chip cookies

This past weekend we made a fatal mistake by going shopping.  Being the last weekend before Christmas, it was a mad house.  But with only a few days left we just needed to pick up a few quick things.  Big mistake!

Lines were long, people were grumpy.  Needless to say, we got what we needed and got the heck out.  I was happy to get back in my warm house and quiet kitchen.

I decided to try out this new chocolate chip cookie recipe I found.  What intrigued me was the addition of two boxes of vanilla pudding.  I was very curious to see what kind of cookies that made.

I will first warm you that this recipe makes a butt load of cookies.  My mixer was overflowing with cookie dough!  I think next time I make these I’ll cut the recipe in half.  But overall the cookies ended up delicious and super soft just like the recipe said they would!

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Italian Anise Cookies

Italian anise cookies

Anise cookies were always a constant while I was growing up.  My grandmother never let a Christmas go by without baking her wonderful anise pizzelles and anise cookies.  But sadly many years ago she passed away and gone were the days of anise cookies.  Sure we’ve had pizzelles through the years but those really aren’t my thing.

I was just out of high school when she passed and too young to appreciate what a treasure her recipes really were.  If only I’d had a few more years with her to learn some of her tips and tricks.

Since I’ve been really into baking this year I sought out a recipe for some good anise cookies.  And I have found a really great one!  These anise cookies turned out so soft and fluffy.  I’m usually not a big cookie eater but I just can’t resist these little buggers.  This is by far one of my favorite recipes I’ve tried in a really long time!

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Chocolate Mint Chip Cookies

chocolate mint chip cookies

I couldn’t possibly spend two weeks baking and not make hubby something minty!  Since I’m not making anything chocolate peanut butter the least I could do is make these minty fresh chocolate chip cookies for him.

If you haven’t bought the limited edition Nestle Toll House dark chocolate and mint morsels, I’d recommend you run right to the store to get some!  They are quite tasty and made my house smell so fresh and minty.

On the back of the bag you’ll find this recipe for chocolate mint cookies.  They turned out nice and soft just the way we like them!

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