Homemade Chicken Nuggets

homemade chicken nuggets

Hubby loves breaded chicken in any form and basically any shape too.  I can’t express how grossed out I am by the pressed and shaped processed chicken you can find in the freezer section of the grocery store or at the popular fast food restaurants.  BK calls them chicken fries, eeww!  I’m constantly trying to remind him that chicken is not supposed to be shaped like that.   But I’m just wasting my breath.

So yesterday I decided to make him real chicken nuggets.  They can be a bit time consuming but they turned out great.  The chicken was nice and moist while the breading was nice and crisp.  I thought they were an awesome healthier version of chicken nuggets and you know exactly what’s in them.  No mystery meat here!

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Turkey Gnocchi Soup

turkey gnocchi soup

It’s been snowing here in Western Pennsylvania for days now.  I was totally unprepared for this snow so early in December.  Usually we don’t have snow sticking on the ground til January.  I guess I have to look at the positive, it’s making me more mentally prepared for x-mas.

After Thanksgiving dinner, I saved the turkey carcass to make soup with it another day.  Well, it ended up staying in my freezer longer than anticipated.  Unexpectedly, I wound up under the weather last week…with bronchitis!  I’ve never had bronchitis before but man does it make your lungs sore.  It feels like someone is squeezing your lungs with every breath.

After two days of antibiotics I felt more like myself again and thought soup would be the perfect remedy.  You could use canned turkey or chicken stock instead but I think it’s well worth the extra time to make your own stock.

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Oreo Cake

oreo cake

Finally my last Thanksgiving post, phew.  Even though I cooked Thanksgiving dinner too, it seems like I only made desserts that week.

My husband’s family does lunch at noon on the holidays so I wanted to make something light, hahahaha.  NOT!  I knew hubby wouldn’t eat the apple tart or the pumpkin pie tart later that night so I thought I’d treat him to his favorite…chocolate and sugar.

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Swiss Meringue Buttercream Icing

swiss meringue buttercream

As I promised in my Confetti Cake post, I’m going to share with you the best frosting recipe I have ever tasted.  Yes, it takes a little extra time and effort but believe me it is well worth it!

I’ve never been a fan of sugary icings.  I can’t enjoy a good piece of cake when the icing is so sweet.  This buttercream recipe produces a creamy vanilla frosting that does not make your teeth hurt from sugar overload.  It’s just smooth, buttery goodness.  I can’t wait to make it again and try the chocolate version!

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Rustic Apple Tart

rustic apple tart

This rustic apple tart made a great accompaniment to my pumpkin pie tart on Thanksgiving.  I knew I wanted to make something apple but knew I wouldn’t have enough time to make an apple pie.

I saw this apple tart recipe in the December issue of Cooking Light.  It only takes a few moments to saute the apples and use an already made refrigerated pie crust to save even more time.  After all, we all can use quick, time saving recipes for delicious desserts.

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